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Pochette Scarlean - Ghost SCARLEAN sign with MYSTYK (release date : 2018 may 25) for the release of "Ghost" Remaster Edition (by Upload Studio)

SCARLEAN : Alexandre (Vocals), Géoffrey (Guitar), Michel (Guitar), Jay (Bass Guitar) et Seb (Drums).

SCARLEAN reflects a true particular dynamism between a real atmosphere, and a true quest for harmony and rythm.

Recommended if you like : Various musical styles while remaining faithful Rock roots ! "Ghost" was really appreciated by critics but what about the remarster edition ? To be continued ... !

Pochette Equinox - The Cry of Gaïa 1st official release of Mystyk Prod !
Equinox is a Symphonic Prog Metal French band created by the official guitar brand "Farida Guitars" guitarist, Inophis ! Four world-renowned musicians with great stage experience.
Multiple influences such as Jazz, Metal, Classical Music, Folk or Pop ! Equinox is the meeting of Metal music and Symphonic music combining strength and beauty, rage and emotion, beauty and imposing
EQUINOX : Inophis : Electric and acoustic guitar; Emmanuel Creis : Vocals ; Pascal Mulot : Bass guitar ; Aurélien Ouzoulias : Drums
Originally released in 2015 and warmly welcomed worldwide (but available only in digital format), "The Cry Of Gaïa" is since may 2018 available on CD physical format!