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Pochette Freitot FREITOT sign with MYSTYK PROD (distribution Season Of Mist, released May 11,2018) for the first self-titles album of the band.

Freitot are Etienne Sarthou (AqME), Arno Strobl (CARNIVAL IN COAL) and Fabien Desgardins (BENIGHTED)

Freitot play Old School Death Metal in the Swedish vein (Entombed, Edge Of Sanity...)
Blast of absolute severity, riffs of overwhelming heaviness, an omnipresent groove and a voice in direct contact with the Earth's core:

FREITOT shaves the hair while cutting artery. Prepare yourself well ! Prepare yourself better !

Pochette Equinox - The Cry of Gaïa 1st official release of Mystyk Prod !
Equinox is a Symphonic Prog Metal French band created by the official guitar brand "Farida Guitars" guitarist, Inophis ! Four world-renowned musicians with great stage experience.
Multiple influences such as Jazz, Metal, Classical Music, Folk or Pop ! Equinox is the meeting of Metal music and Symphonic music combining strength and beauty, rage and emotion, beauty and imposing
EQUINOX : Inophis : Electric and acoustic guitar; Emmanuel Creis : Vocals ; Pascal Mulot : Bass guitar ; Aurélien Ouzoulias : Drums
Originally released in 2015 and warmly welcomed worldwide (but available only in digital format), "The Cry Of Gaïa" is since may 2018 available on CD physical format!