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Freitot's album tracklist :
01- The Human Drawer 04:59
02- Mission 03:40
03- ...And Your Enemy Closer 04:43
04- Father 06:19
05- Love Is All Around 04:16
06- Lost In Meaning 05:06
07- The Last Room On The Left 04:46
08- Yoko 03:35

Etienne Sarthou (drummer for French nu-metal masterminds AqME) is no beginner on the extreme scene : one remembers its death/grind project (GRYMT) as well as his sludge/black band DELIVERANCE. When in 2014 Etienne writes and records material for a whole old school death metal album on which he plays drums, rhythm guitar and bass, he starts looking out for a singer and a lead guitarist to round off the team. That's when he's being adviced to enlist Arno Strobl (CARNIVAL IN COAL, WE ALL DIE (LAUGHING)) on vocals.
Their collaboration turns out to be fruitful, and Strobl brings along with him Fabien « Fack » Desgardins, lead guitarist for French death/grind monsters BENIGHTED and also for CARNIVAL IN COAL. The studio line-up is now 100 % complete and their monicker will be FREITOT (« Dead Free » in German).

FREITOT delivers a genuine death metal that recalls the likes of early Entombed and Edge Of Sanity, with a couple of nods to Slayer's uncompromising thrash. Severe blastbeats, heavier-than-thou riffing, ubiquitous groove, flamboyant guitar choruses, and a voice digging down to the Earth's core is what it's about.
FREITOT is a close shave slashing the artery.
Get yourself ready. Better than that.